About Us 

Thank you for showing an interest in St Brigid's School.  We are a decile 10 Catholic Primary School serving Andersons Bay, the Otago Peninsula, Tainui, Waverley and surrounding areas. 

Our school aims to educate each child to the best of their academic, spiritual and social potential. 

Our school has a caring Christian environment which promotes positive self esteem.  Good discipline, high levels of academic and behavourial expectations and small class sizes help ensure a safe, happy and productive school life for all children.


Principal's Message 

                          At St Brigid's our vision is to connect with our

                                   students and families and build strong

                                   relationships through reflecting the values of

                                   Christ.  With this foundation in place, we will then                                     aim to ignite the learning experience and work with the learner to discover new thoughts, questions and passions.  

Throughout this process we will look to empower our learners so that they are competent and confident citizens in the world they are growing up in.  We aim to be responsive to the needs of each individual and personalise a set of learning experiences that are both meaningful and motivating.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your time at St Brigid's is full of learning, opportunity, fun and great times together.

The majority of the curriculum is delivered through an integrated approach to learning. The goals of the integrated curriculum are to provide opportunities for students to develop their key competencies and inquiry thinking. Particular emphasis is given to Literacy and Numeracy, engaging children in topics of interest while incorporating Science, The Arts, Social Sciences, Technology, Physical Education, Health and Well Being, Maori and ICT making learning more meaningful and enjoyable. The children participate in Dunedin Public Art Gallery programmes, as well as the educational programmes provided by both the Otago and Early Settlers' Museums and the Marine Studies Centre at Portobello. The integrated approach to learning has proven to be very successful, and it is reflected in the excellent results achieved by the students.