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In January 1939, a new school was completed and the Mercy Sisters were invited to teach the new students at St Brigid’s School.

The school was referred to as an ‘out-school’ which meant the two teachers, Sister Clement and Sister Callista had to travel by tram to and from school each day from the main Mercy convent in South Dunedin.

The original St Brigid’s school was called a church-school because during the week it was used as a classroom, and at weekends it was a church.

This meant that on Friday afternoons the school furniture had to be rearranged so the church seats could be set up ready for Sunday Mass. On Monday morning the school furniture was replaced ready to start classes.

In 1970 the Sisters of St Joseph, also known as the Brown Josephites, took over as teachers in the school.

Information taken from https://mercyschools.org.nz/featured_item/st-brigids-school/

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Catholic Character

St Brigid's School is a Catholic school which is fully integrated into the state system.  The school is owned and governed (via representatives on the Board of Trustees) by the Catholic Bishop of Dunedin.  All resourcing for the staffing and running of the school is provided by the State.

The Catholic character of the school is often referred to as the "special character" of the school.  We strive to uphold and maintain this in all aspects of the school - in respect for all individuals, relationships with one another and in living the teachings of Jesus Christ.  A reflection of this is the way in which the older children look after the younger children.  Any new children and their families are very quickly made to feel welcome.


St Brigid’s is part of the Mercy Parish - Whanau Aroha in South Dunedin. Our current Parish Priests are Fr Gerard Aynsley. Mercy Parish is a welcoming and friendly parish where our parishioners enjoy many social activities. There is a large group of young families in our parish and we run an exciting and engaging Children’s Liturgy programme. Weekend Masses are held on Sunday at 9:30am and 11am at St Patrick’s Basilica. Click below to go to the parish website:



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Respect - Care - Responsibility

At St Brigid’s we have 3 main values all our children learn about and practise in their lives. These values are taken from the Mercy values as we are a Mercy School. Awards are given each week in assembly for children showing these values and our House Points system allocates points based on these values.


We care, we learn, we grow with Jesus.

Our vision is that all children leave St Brigid’s being able to care for themselves, others, and the environment. We learn to achieve the goals we set for ourselves and we grow academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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