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Structured Literacy 

We pride ourselves on having high-quality literacy programmes in all our classrooms that provide our learners with a good foundation of phonemic awareness. Our high expectations encourage our students to develop a love of reading and writing.  Our literacy approach in years 0-2 focuses on the children learning how to read and write and in years 3-6 our children focus on reading and writing to learn. Our year 0-2 learners are currently participating in the Better Start Literacy Approach developed by the University of Canterbury.

Click here to find out more about the Better Start Literacy Approach





Our numeracy programme focuses on ensuring every child leaves St Brigid’s with a good grasp of a range of mathematics concepts. Through using real-world problems children learn to explore a range of mathematics concepts and to develop their understanding of number knowledge and skills. We use hands-on mathematics experiences to engage and excite our learners. 




St Brigid’s School is part of the Otakau STEAM cluster. 


STEAM is the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics in schools. It aims to increase participation in these learning areas by asking children to find the solution to exciting and engaging real-world problems. Our children love using creativity and problem solving to find solutions to problems that are out of the box and unique. Our children are the leaders of tomorrow and STEAM education gives them the skills to find solutions to problems that may not even exist yet. 


We have a specially designed and well equipped STEAM Lab which boasts features such as built in Green Screen for video creation, Laser Cutter, Robotics equipment and, electronics kits as well as unplugged options such as Lego, architect planks and craft supplies.

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Digital Technologies 

We are very fortunate to be an extremely well-resourced school. We have 1:1 Chromebooks from years 3-6 and 1:2 iPads in years 1-2. In addition to this, all our classrooms are equipped with state of the art Android TV’s to give our children the best possible learning experiences. As a Google Apps for Education school, our children are regularly working with docs, sites and slides. In addition to this, our children have presented learning experiences which encourage the understanding of computers as well as how to write computer code both on devices and through unplugged activities. 


It is our vision that all children leave St Brigid’s with a good understanding of how technology can be used to enhance and enrich their education. 

Sport and Physical Education 

St Brigids offers a wide range of summer and winter sports for tamariki from years 1-6 to participate in.  

We also have whole school physical Education lessons on Wednesday afternoons.  These lessons focus on physical skills, risk-taking and cooperation.  This is a great way to foster tuakana-teina relationships.

In term 3 all children participate in weekly "Just Swim" lessons which are run at Moana Pool by highly trained coaches. The programme is designed to teach children how to swim and to be safe in and around water. You can find out more about Just Swim at


Religious Education 

At St Brigid’s our Catholic Character is very important to us. Each classroom undertakes a series of Religious Education lessons each week which focus on teaching our children to care for each other and the world through Bible stories. We also have a strong Social Justice programme which is focused on caring for those who need our help as Jesus taught us to. Our children leave St Brigid’s with a love of helping others and taking care of the world just as Jesus asks us to. 

Sacramental Programme

The sacramental programme is a Parish-School partnership and is facilitated by the Parish Priest and the school's Directors of Religious Studies. Children undertake the sacramental programme in Year 4 starting with their First Reconciliation and moving on to complete both Confirmation and First Holy Communion.

Parent meetings are held to assist parents and children taking part in the programme.


The Arts 

At St Brigid’s we love providing our children with opportunities to be imaginative and creative through The Arts. In addition to our Classroom Release Teacher providing enriching Visual Art activities. We also offer Choir and kapahaka programs, a whole school production (every second year) and learning experiences enriched with dance, drama, art and music opportunities. The Arts is strongly integrated throughout our curriculum.


Education Outside the Classroom is an important part of the curriculum at St Brigid’s School. Each year a comprehensive EOTC plan is developed to enhance and enrich our curriculum delivery and includes a year 5 and 6 camp held every 2nd year. Our children love taking part in these real world opportunities to widen their education. 

Cultural Diversity

Celebrating our rich cultural community is something that we take pride in at St Brigid’s.  We offer many opportunities for tamariki to share their culture and to take part in learning about and valuing different cultures in authentic ways.

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